Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's Been a Loooong While Since I've Last Posted ....

To all my loyal followers: my apologies for the long absence.  I've been too busy at work and, frankly, I've not been traveling that much during the last six months!  My prior posting was from Bali and that trip was in October of 2011.  I had what turned out to be a way too short visit to Kuwait in late November (lasting only about 2 weeks) and a one-week visit to Edinburgh and Aberdeen, Scotland at the end of May (a mere three weeks ago!). 

I shall try to be more diligent in posting ...

At any rate, here are a few 'leftover' photos from the trip to Indonesia (October of last year) and a few photos taken in Houston during the Spring, 2012. 

A typical street scene in central Bali.

A Balinese dancer performing at my hotel near Ubud, Bali.

The sign out in the front of my hotel in Ubud, Bali.  Actually, this resort is listed as being situated in the village of Sayan.  The Four Seasons Resort hotel in Sayan is truly a remarkable hotel. 
CAUTION: it is expensive!

My humble little villa - complete with its own "plunge pool"!!!

CAUTION: The one important item missing in this fantastic resort is a lift (elevator) in the main lobby building.  I had to climb up and down 100 steps/stairs to go from my villa to the main restaurant.  Ugh!!

I spent the second half of my 5-day visit to Bali at the Oberoi Hotel on the West coast of that island.  Here is my villa.  Very nice (just not quite as nice as my villa at the Four Seasons in Sayan).

Next door to the Oberoi Hotel is the Ku de Ta bar.  This place is THE place to be and to be seen!!

One final picture.  This was taken at the Dubai Mall which I visited while on a one-night layover in Dubai following my visit to Kuwait in November of 2011.  A colleague treated me to lunch at this Lebanese restaurant.  Al Hallab serves very good food.  One problem, however, was the rather slooooow service.

The trip home to Hoston the following morning (December 2) aboard Emirates 211 was on time.  

Miscellaneous photos from Houston this Spring, 2012:

My 27-year old console TV (circa 1985) finally died and I had it hauled away.  I have since replaced this 'golden oldie' with a new 42-inch LCD flat screen TV.

A picture of our beloved Mayor, Anise Parker, officiating at this year's Art Car Parade.  It's an annual favorite event here in Houston, Texas!!