Friday, January 18, 2008

Have Project ... Will Travel!!

Travel acts as the "spice" that helps makes my job more enjoyable. Without the travel my work would still be interesting but just a tad mundane and, at times, a bit tiring. However, having a project that involves the chance to travel to a location that I might otherwise never have the chance to visit on my own (e.g., Saudi Arabia; Rangely, Colorado; Lago Agrio, Ecuador; Oslo, Norway!) keeps my interest and energy flowing. Once the day's work is completed and my corporate obligations are fullfilled, I can take the time to go out and explore the world around me, meet people, experience different cultures, sightsee new places and - most importantly for me - take a LOT of pictures. Photography is my hobby so bringing home a treasure trove of pictures to show off to friends or simply make into "wallpaper" for my computer screen is a real treat. Hence, in addition to the many ramblings which I shall be writing here, I will also be sharing many pictures to complement the descriptions that will be posted.

The traveling chemist ....

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Anonymous said...

I envy your lifestyle and occupation.