Sunday, December 28, 2008

UPDATE on Starbucks Closure in Al Zour, Kuwait

UPDATE: Regarding the closure last month of the Starbucks nearest my work site in Al Zour, Kuwait (reference my earlier posting in November), a trusted Saudi colleague informed me yesterday that the Al Zour Starbucks is STILL CLOSED!! Honestly, I wonder what is going through the minds of the local Kuwaiti authorities when they closed this shop down ostensibly because the owner simply needed some paperwork! It really sends a bad signal to the world. When I stopped by the place on the last weekend it was open (way back in November), it was packed - both inside and outside. I only wish they settle this mess and reopen the place before my next anticipated return trip!! As the Saudis and Kuwaitis would say - "Inshallah" (translation: "if Allah wills it").

PS: I fully realize this topic may not concern many of my followers, but I am sure that Cheryl - who just signed on as one of my followers and is a self-confessed "coffee addict" - may wish to take note! :-)


VERONICA said...

Surely, Kuwait must have more interesting coffee houses than Starbucks; places with those highly concentrated doses of caffeine in the smallest of coffee shot glasses, as I have seen in Europe and most notably in Bulgaria. Would love to see a picture of those places. Veronica

Yogi said...

I feel your pain. Starbucks closed their lone outlet in southeast Oklahoma (Mcalester). We stopped their frequently coming back from visiting in the area.

chemist said...


Apologies ... you are indeed correct in that there are other coffeee houses but unfortunately those traditional Kuwaiti shops will NOT offer me any decaffeinated coffee. But you raise a good point - perhaps I can seek out a truly authentic local coffee shop (no Starbucks!) and at least walk inside and snap a few pictures and maybe even sip some tea!

Traveling Chemist

Cheryl said...

What did you say? It's closed? Why is it closed? Are you okay? I would be traumatized. Where would I get coffee? Where would I waste time? This just isn't possible.
I have to sit down. I'm going to have a heart-attack.

Hahah okay, I'm dramatic; but seriously, if I were there, I'd be standing outside Starbucks with a sign and petition forms.