Tuesday, March 3, 2009

SANDSTORM! (What Do You Expect in a Desert?!)

Yesterday (Monday) was an absolutely horrible morning! I was awakened at 3 am by the sound of the wind blowing - it sounded much like a Gulf Coast hurricane. When I headed to Wonderful Wafra at 6:15 am, the air was soooooo dusty & sandy that I was tempted to delay my drive into work. But I persevered and departed anyway. Instead of my usual 120 kph, I drove a relatively sloooow 80 kph and managed to avoid skidding over the many sand dunes that form during a sandstorm. Ah, the joy of working in a desert. At least the temperatures are fine! The past two weeks have seen daily high temperatures in the 70s (22 - 25 deg C) with morning temps in the high 50s to low 60s (12 - 19 deg C).

What the roadway looks like under normal conditions ...........................

....... and the roadway during my commute to work this Monday!!

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SearchingSoul said...

At any point in our lives, we have to face and go through the storm, real or literal. The ordeal is almost the same.

Thanks for your post, Chemist.