Sunday, May 17, 2009

Trip to Angola - Epilog

It's been nine (9) days since I returned from Cabinda, Angola. Using my rule of thumb which states that it takes about one day for every hour of time shifting associated with traveling between time zones, I have essentially recovered from the debilitating effects of 'jet lag' following my return trip home. As Dorothy said in the "Wizard of Oz", there is no place like home! In addition to eating at several of my favorite Houston restaurants (Pappadeaux's, Le Mistral, Hungry's and Bistro Le Cep), I've finally had some time to organize the photos I captured during my two-week visit to Malongo. Herewith I present the remaining highlights of my recent trip to Angola:

I spotted these guys near the Malongo laboratory.

The dormitory where I lived for two weeks. Just constructed and in excellent condition.

My home away from home. Well air conditioned, a fact which helps to keep the mosquitoes under control. I never spotted a single mosquito during the entire time I was in this room. Also important to note, despite my original anxiety, I could drink the water on Malongo. Never had a problem. And the food in the mess hall was quite satisfying.

Choppers galore! My room was next to the helipad where helicopters took off and landed throughout the entire day. Our oil production is offshore and hence these choppers provide the main mode of transport to get our people to and from our company's offshore oil production platforms.

The Houston Express. Departs Houston every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at about 12 noon CDT and arrives in Luanda the following morning at about 8 am Angola time (6 hours ahead of Houston time).

The Houston Express is operated by World Airways. Verdict: It's OK; nothing special. It gets you there! One pleasant aspect to note in the seating; the seats are arranged as 2 - 2 - 2 thereby avoiding any dreaded center seats in the mid-section!!

It's amazing how many places around the world I run across these hibiscus flowers!! This one was growing in Malongo camp.


xoxc said...

....I like monkeys!
..interesting animals and sometimes comic!


John said...

Interesting post, Traveling Chemist. It amazes me too, that my national flower is found in many parts of the world (where you had traveled to and seen it)!