Thursday, August 6, 2009


Well, I suppose it is a rather sad chapter in the life of all of us cofeee addicts! I have left several earlier posts about the closing of our local Starbucks in Al Zour (click here for a reference to that earlier post). A friend has informed me that this store is likely to remain closed FOREVER (or until a new owner is found!). According to the local scuttlebutt (i.e., the expat rumor mill), this store was apparently operated by someone who had a bogus (not real) franchise license from Starbucks and was therefore closed by the local authorities. The store is still there but the name and logo are now covered over. Sigh! At least there is another Starbucks within 20 minutes from Al Zour.

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John said...

Hmmm... probably the guy wanted to keep the earnings to himself, instead of getting the proper franchise license.

And I wonder why no one else wanted to take up the job. I'm quite sure this is good business. Or the competition is too strong?