Sunday, February 3, 2008

It's On the Road Again!! My Trip to Kuwait - Feb 2008

Hi - ho - hi - ho ... it's off to work I go! Another trip abroad! I boarded my Emirates flight from Houston to Dubai on Wednesday (Jan. 30) and arrived in Dubai on Thursday, Jan 31 after a 13 hr-45 min flight. Not being blessed with the ability to sleep on planes, I was unable to sleep during the loooooong flight over. Naturally I was a 'basket case', a walking zombie! Still, I am grateful for the fact that I can now fly from Houston to the Middle East non-stop and I no longer have to transit thru Amsterdam, London or Frankfurt enroute to the Gulf region.

I managed to spend a night at the brand new Dubai Intercontinental Hotel (it's only been in operation for 2 months). Great hotel. Next to the hotel is a brand new mall - "Festival City".

The following day (Friday, Feb 1) was very dusty and windy (note the dull sky behind the hotel pictured above). Thankfully my flight to Kuwait took off right on time!! We landed at Kuwait International Airport at 5 pm local time. (Kuwait is one hour behind Dubai and 9 hours ahead of Houston time.) After a one-hour drive I arrived at my work camp and settled in for a night's sleep. Saturday was a day of rest and recouperation and an excellent meal at the Blue Elephant restaurant at the Hilton Hotel in Mangaf.

As I post this note, it is Sunday (Feb. 3) and it's my first day of work. Still afflicted with jet lag. My rule-of-thumb is that recovery takes about one day for every hour of time shifting. Hence, it typically takes me about a week to fully readjust my internal body clock to the 9 hour time shift. Just one of the 'dark sides' of international travel. C'est le vie. Oh well, off to work!! More later ....

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