Monday, February 4, 2008

The Road to Wafra

Commuting to work here in Wonderful Wafra Field is fun. No traffic at all. The only activity we normally encounter is a herd of sheep or camels that we pass along the way. My daily commute is precisely 58 km (36 miles) and takes about 40 minutes. [Maximum allowed car velocity is 120 km/hr.] At the start of our drive in to work we pass by what I call the Kuwaiti equivalent of a "7-11" convenience store (pictured above). The remainder of the drive is uneventful. One good aspect to driving here in Kuwait is that the roads are generally in excellent condition: well paved and well illuminated at noight. One bad note: the driving is extremely hazardous. The 'Kamikazies' out on the road ignore the speed limit (which is usually applied only to us expats) and typically speed in excess of 180 km/hr!! I'll probably share a few photos of car wrecks at some point in this blog.

Oh well, that's it for now. It's off to work for me ....

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