Monday, July 28, 2008

A Day in the Big City

Weekends are usually fun for me here in Kuwait. On Friday (remember, my weekend here in this part of the Middle East is Friday & Saturday) I had lunch at the Blue Elephant at the Hilton Hotel in Mangaf (about 40 minutes north of my company's camp in Al-Zour). Excellent food - although a bit pricey with the Friday Buffet costing 17 KD (about 65 USD or 41 Euros).

On Saturday, I managed to get a driver (provided by my company) and we drove to Avenues - the newest and largest mall in Kuwait .... and perhaps soon to become the largest mall in this part of the Middle East! I previously stopped in at the Avenues mall in February but over the past five (5) months, a lot of new stores have opened for business and a lot more shops remain to be opened as the mall is still under construction. There is also a Carrefour supermarket which allows me another opportunity to shop for my weekly food/grocery needs.


Sara said...

The Kuwaiti (sp) mall of America

CJ1755 said...

I haven't ever been outside of the Mid Western United States.

Your pictures of the world are like a window to me. Things I've never seen, and probably never will.

I appreciate the time you take to snap the pics and post them with graphic details of your travels.

Erica Newman said...

Hey, you might like my friend Micah's blog... he was working over in Kuwait as well and has some funny stories.

Ahmed Mohamed Amen said...

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Julie Roberts said...

the pics are pretty, what was it like there?

matthew said...

I never know carrefour supermarket already build in kuwait,until i read ur's such fast movement for world market player.