Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stonehenge at the University of Texas - Permian Basin

Stonehenge model at the University of Texas - Permian Basin in Odesa, Texas.

Oh well, my trip to Odessa, Texas is nearing an end and not a moment too soon. I completed my teaching duties this morning and I started suffering from a sore throat this afternoon. I fly home tomorrow morning (hopefully) for some rest and recuperation. Before I leave, however, I managed to swing by the campus of the University of Texas - Permian Basin (UTPB) where they have constructed a recreation of the famous Stonehenge in the UK. I am not sure if this copy Stonehenge is made to scale or is just a fraction of the original. Anyway, I could not miss an opportunity to snap a few pictures and share them with every reader of my blog.


Brooke said...

Hello Chemist,

Wow you move fast! In and out of a place WHAM-BAM.
I love that picture.
Hope you feel better quickly.

William Wren said...

great photos

DUTA said...

1. impressive replica.
2. remedy for a sore throat - undiluted , freshly squeezed lemon juice.

John said...

Hi Traveling Chemist, hope that you are feeling better.

According to a page on the UTPB website, the Stonehenge is the exact replica of the original Stonehenge in Wiltshire.

There is another Stonehenge in Texas, on FM 1340 west of Hunt, known as Stonehenge II, and is a less accurate replica.

See here for more information.

SearchingSoul said...

I love visiting places I've never been. I am fortunate to have a job that offers travel every once in a while.

But with the limitation of time and resources, reading accounts of other people's impressions during their travel is the next best thing.

Your pictures are the highlight of your blog.

Keep on writing and posting pictures.

SUBHADIP said...

Hey..I went through another blog..it is really interesting and really a mystery how the Stohenage was errected instead of any technology..what's ur view on that?You are really lucky to visit those places..I have great interest in the past also..there are certain places in Asia also which would really drew ur attention..anyway nice to get ur comments..keep in touch and help with ur comments..when ur next blog coming?

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