Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween - The Road to Recovery

The Traveling Chemist has been home for about nine (9) days with what turned out to be a 'bacterial infection'. At first I thought it was the 'flu' but I had my suspicions. One clue: the "Tamiflu" anti-viral drug I was prescribed had no effect. By the time the doctor considered using an antibiotic, the 'bug' was - thankfully - all gone. (I just hope it stays away!!!)

Anyway, I finally recovered and returned to work last Monday. Today (Friday, October 30) has ushered in some excellent Fall weather here in Houston (temps in the mid-60's F; ca. 18 - 19 deg C). Finally, the heat and humidity have gone and I can roll down my car windows, open my apartment windows and let the fresh air in.



Al said...

And a very Happy Halloween to you - very glad to learn you are doing so much better!

chemist said...

Many thanks Al!!!

John said...

Happy belated Halloween, Traveling Chemist! Glad to hear you'd recovered, and not hit by the H1N1 virus.

By the way, are those Halloween decos yours? :)