Monday, November 9, 2009

At Home in Houston ....

My original plan was to be in Kuwait this month but since the Eid al-Ada holiday (a big Holiday in the Islamic world) falls almost on the same day as our Thanksgiving Day, it was decided by the powers-that-be in our company's office in Kuwait that I remain here in the USA and travel instead at a later date (yet to be determined). Although I must admit I miss traveling, at least I will have the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving at home here in Houston for the first time since 2006! (The last two Thanksgivings were in Kuwait!) So, my dear followers, I hope you won't be too disappointed by the lack of new postings. I have a short trip in early December but otherwise I shall remain housebound for the next few weeks.

One pleasant item to report: my kind and generous boss has allowed our team to purchase a new telephoto lens for our team's camera. Our new 'toy' is a Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM telephoto lens. The picture below shows the lens mounted on our Canon 50D SLR. I will practice using the new lens over the Christmas Holiday and if I capture any interesting photos, I will post them here. One word of caution: the lens weighs 3 pounds (ca. 1,500 grams!).

As a first example of what this lens can do, I took a picture of the new Memorial Hermann Hospital building located along I-10 (near Gessner) in West Houston and then I zoomed in on the ghastly top of the building. You can see the difference in the 100 mm and 400 mm focusing ranges. My question to anyone who lives here in Houston: just what the heck is that thing on the building top anyway? An observation deck? And just how much did (or will) that architectural trifle cost the hospital's patients??!! No wonder we have a health care crisis here in the USA!!

The new Memorial Hermann hospital building at 100 mm focal length (above) ....

and at 400 mm focal length. So what is that thing on the top of the building??!!


Hindsfeet said...

hmmmm, maybe the Mayan's were a few years off in their predictions...guess we'll just have to wait and see what emerges out of that thing! ; ) haha...

funny, my brother just left for Kuwait via Houston (in Kandahar at the moment) to work there for a year...strange coincidence, you've got to admit, not everyday people leave from Houston for work in Kuwait!

Hey, a thought, perhaps in your little lull here you could post the rest of those Alaska pics! Kept hoping those would turn up!

: )

Dan Denardo said...

Sweet lens! I'll attempt to answer the question you left me on my blog.

I think it's an outstanding lens. I guess for the price, it OUGHT to be good, right? I know more about Nikon equipment, but I have many friends who are in the Canon camp and they confirm it is terrific. My advice to folks who have "big glass" like that is to use a tripod if you can...or a monopod. It CAN be hand held, but I am old school when it comes to using a tripod. As a working pro, it's my job to eliminate as many variables that I can and a tripod helps in that regard. I can still find plenty of other ways to screw up.

Good luck with it, my friend.


V said...

Doctor's lounge.. Off course.

John said...

Looks more like something that dropped out of an alien warship or something!

And I agree... is there really a need for whatever-you-call-that structure?