Sunday, November 23, 2008

Third Weekend in Kuwait (November 21 and 22)

I managed to enjoy another fine weekend here in Kuwait. On Friday, I travelled north from Al Zour along Hwy 30 into Salmiya. Along the way, I passed many fine looking villas - some more elaborate than others! Many of the homes here are built from cement - not like the cheap wood-framed structures that most American homes are constructed. The concrete structures shown here can no doubt withstand hurricanes (wish we had these in Houston for Hurricane Ike!!)

(My favorite home!! Not a clue as to who lives in this fine place!)

A simple but thoroughly fine home sweet home!
Following my weekly grocery stop at The Sultan Center in Salmiya, I went to the new Movenpick Hotel and Resort situated along the Gulf Road (Hwy #25), in-between the 5th and 6th Ring Roads. Allegedly this place has been here for 1 year & 3 months. I have no idea how I could have missed this place but I am sure glad I finally came by today!! Next to the Movenpick are several fine restaurants: Chili's, Tumbleweeds, Starbucks (naturally!), Costa Coffee and at least a dozen more places whose names I can't remember. All are as new as the Movenpick. A selection of the photos I took during this lunch stop are shown below:

A camel all set for a ride by the tourists at the Movenpick Hotel's beach area.

I had the Friday Buffet meal which includes a chicken schwarma (shown above). Total cost for the buffet meal was 15.4 KD or $57 USD or 45 Euros. As always, I waddled home fully stuffed.

The poolside area at the Movenpick Hotel in Salmiya, Kuwait.

The front view of the Movenpick Hotel entrance and adjoining Chili's restaurant and many other fine eating places. Well worth a weekend visit!
FYI: The weather this time of year in Kuwait is excellent: 20 - 25 deg C (68 - 75 deg F) with blue skies.


John said...

Hi Traveling Chemist,

The chicken schwarma is called kebab in my country :) You can get it for less than 5 USD here.

And all these years living in Malaysia, I had never actually tried it!


DUTA said...

You should try the turkey meat schawarma. I find it tastier than the chicken meat and the lamb meat schawarmas.

Anyway, a solid schawarma stand has all the three sorts .

Ron said...

Schwarma is one of my favorite all time food! I prefer the chicken myself. Although, I've had lamb and it's quite tasty. Ahhh, who cares what its made of, I'll eat'em all! Was there anything else in the buffet? $45 is a lot for a schwarma...